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Saturdays from 1-2 pm EST

Give your child the skills needed for college and beyond from live coding classes made by professional software developers.

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We are a team of highly skilled professional software developers that focuses on delivering high quality software applications daily for our clients. We’re excited to invite your child into our world and teach them the skills to excel in technology.
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How do we raise the standard in education?

Our program focuses on research & high level critical thinking, which is completely absent when students solely copy code from pre-recorded videos or solve overly structured challenges in coding games.

We raise the standard by:

  • Gradually exposing them to developer level resources and documentation used by industry professionals
  • Combining industry resources with our internal materials to ensure that students get a well-rounded understanding of concepts
  • Teaching them logic so that they can problem solve through new challenges

Where there is no playbook on how to code through a problem, we teach students how to make the playbook leading to innovation and new discoveries.

How do we convert your child into a developer?

Industry Level Knowledge and Challenges

Our development team knows what your child needs to succeed in this industry. We have developed a curriculum that captures the necessary tools for success by developing their problem solving and research skills.

Self-paced instruction with Weekly Live Developer Support

Your child no longer has to worry about keeping up with the class. They can focus on the topics that they need the most help with as we guide them along the way.

Collaboration with other aspiring developers

Because learning how to work with other developers is part of the foundation for success, our class instruction encourages students to collaborate on class assignments and personal projects.

Comprehensive Knowledge Evaluations

We go beyond the basic quiz. During our course evaluations, our instructors test your child’s knowledge and their ability to apply it to coding concepts and projects. We then provide them with detailed feedback so that they know what subjects to study and practice.

Unlock your child’s ability to solve future challenges

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What will your child learn?

Since we are a web and software development firm, our classes teach programming to prepare students for web and application development. Major subjects include Python, HTML, CSS, GitHub, JavaScript. Our advanced students have the opportunity to learn popular frameworks used in development today such as React and Flask.

How does our program set up your student for success?

Our program is made up of many different classes discussing topics such as Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will attend class weekly where they will get help with their assignments and learn from the instructor. Once the student has completed all the assignments, they will meet with one of our instructors to have their learning evaluation. During this time, students will be given feedback on points that they need to continue to study. If the student has adequate understanding to proceed to the next course, the instructor will send them the information needed to register for the next class. While they are in the program, students will have access to office hours and the community support forums to ask questions and get answers from our staff and other students.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What age groups is the program for?

    Our program is created for 7th through 12th grade middle school and high school students. We welcome 6th graders as well, but the material may be a little challenging. If you would more information to confirm if your student is a good fit for our program, please attend our open house.

  2. How much does the program cost?

    The cost for our Q&A support five days a week, live office hours during the week, and weekly live Saturday classes is $150 per month.

  3. How long are our classes?

    Our program is set up with several classes that are two to three months long. Because these courses are self-paced, students can complete the materials in the class as quickly or as slowly as they need.

  4. What is the first class?

    All students in our program start their journey in our coding foundations course. In this course we teach students:

    • The foundational structure of all programming languages
    • Basic command line
    • How to collaborate using industry technologies like GitHub
    • Foundational problem solving and research skills used in software development
    • A deep dive into the IDE’s and tools used to create software like Visual Studio Code
    • Foundational knowledge needed to research and find answers to questions, including what websites to avoid.
    • Tips and tricks on how to understand and read developer documentation
    • And Much More
  5. What type of computer does my child need?

    Your child will need a computer that has a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. Chromebooks and Android or iOS tablets will not work for this course.

  6. What if I have more questions?

    If you have more questions about our program, feel free to e-mail us at

Give your child the problem solving and coding skills to excel in college and beyond.

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