Productive Outreach

What is it?

Businesses aren’t the only entities that need productive solutions. Productive Outreach aims to give back to different communities through outreach projects, pro-bono or discounted work for community organizations, and computer science education classes for high school and college students.

Why do We do it?

Giving is part of our DNA. We believe that successful responsible businesses should help build and love the communities around them. A lot of companies get so focused on just making a profit that they forget the good that they can do. It doesn’t take much to be a positive impact, and we seek to do this well as part of our mission in Metropolitan Atlanta.

Current Projects

Right now we support STEM education initiatives for Metro Atlanta students. Our staff members participate in the annual KITES Festival to encourage elementary and middle school children to learn more about computer science. Productive Clouds also donates food to local homeless shelters for young African American teenagers. We currently have discounted office space available for young entrepreneurs looking to meet with clients or schedule meetings. Our current partnership with Sire Solutions provides these entrepreneurs opportunities for business development consulting and counseling.